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Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Nothing is better for you, your staff and your clients than a clean office space. We at NYC Carpet Cleaners clean all carpets, rugs, mats, elevators carpets, furniture, chairs, stool, carpeted walls, drapery and blinds cleaning, flood cleaning and all types of floorings cleaning, repair and install. We offer competitive rates, flexible appointments, reliable staff, experienced cleaners, eco-friendly cleanings solutions and state of the art equipment. You don’t have time to worry about the dirt and grime that soils your office at some time. Call NYC Carpet Cleaners professional cleaning service. Whether its steam cleaning or deep cleaning, you can rely on us to make your workspace look its very best. We offer free estimates, emergency service, hassle free experience, safe solutions, both residential and commercial services and discounted rates.


We clean all: Wall to wall carpets, offices, cubicles, waiting areas, rugs, mats, hallways, elevator carpets, chairs, stools, upholstery, furniture, drapes, blinds and shades.

No matter what sort of cleaning your office requires you can count on us to give the best service. We have different cleaning options for different scopes of service needs:

Steam Cleaning:

This option offers a nice refreshing cleaning of your wall-to-wall carpet, steam cleaning is a great option when carpets are either in good shape and has virtually no stains.

Shampoo Cleaning:

If a carpet one is more than a few months old and contains some light stains or spills, the right shampoo brings it to its former glory in no time.

Deep Cleaning:

If for example, the carpet has extensive stains or is really dirty, deep cleaning is its only hope.

Ultimate Cleaning Service:

If your carpet has major stains and heavy damage, this is the ideal cleaning package for you. If you are thinking about replacing the carpet, try this process first, it could save you hundreds. The heaviest stains like pet stains, juice, and foods aren't any match for our cleaning process.


Not only do we do amazing commercial carpet cleaning we also do repairs on carpets, rugs and widow treatments. Same quality service, low price and experience.

Carpet repairs; stretching, patching, color restoration, major stain removal, rip-up and disposal etc.

Rug repairs: binding, fringing, color restoration, re-weaving, re-sizing, urine treatment/removal, patching, backing, ultimate cleaning etc.

Window Treatment repairs: re-tape, re-cord, re-hang, valance repair, mechanism replacement, sewing, steaming, re-sizing etc.


A major problem with any flooding in a commercial space is if it is not taking care of ASAP your entire office will suffer. That is why we here at NYC Carpet Cleaners offer a 24 hour emergency service for such incidents. You can call us at 11pm, 1am or 4am and we will be there within the hour to remedy you flood issue so you can open for regular working hours. Every minute your business is closed is money lost for your company. We are here to help avoid that.

We do all flood cleaning work for all; Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum, Wood Flooding, Upholstery, Furniture, Soft Window Treatments, Upholstered Walls etc.

We also offer a wide variety of new commercial carpets. We will visit your office, show you samples, measure the areas and issue you the best price.

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