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Mattress Cleaning

One of the places always overlooked are mattresses. Mattresses should be cleaned very year or two to avoid bed bugs, dirt, grime, bacteria and allergies. NYC Carpet Cleaners provides professional mattress cleaning utilizing our environment friendly deep cleaning as well as shampoo cleaning techniques for all sorts of mattresses. Our detailed mattress cleaning ensuring all of the indents as well as crevasses are appropriately removed because we give them special attention. Our organic cleaning comes with Aloe as well as Citrus based cleaning product that guarantee no smells are left behind so you will not have an allergic effect. We also thoroughly clean and even deodorize your mattress linens. They are removed, cleaned and brought to you within a weeks’ time. We offer free estimates, emergency service, hassle free experience, safe solutions, both residential and commercial services and discounted rates.

How We Clean

We use all Aloe, Citrus or plant based products. Steps by step cleaning procedure:

Fabric Testing
Deep Vacuum
Spray Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Deep Extraction

After our cleaning is completed, please allow mattress to fully dry before sleeping on it. This should take up to 12 hours. Open a window to speed up drying time.

Bed Bugs

We do not know exactly how harmful insecticides are to humans, nevertheless you must have your home or office sprayed at least 3 time by your local exterminating service. After that call us to completely remove the eggs, do a deep cleaning, deodorization, and sanitizing on your mattress. It is also a MUST to have your bedding linen and comforters washed, we do that as well. Once bed bugs invade your home, they are tough to get rid of. They prefer warm areas. That is why we clean deep into the cracks of the mattress. Everyone is at risk for getting bed bugs when visiting an infected area or overseas. So be careful, if you suspect an infestation call us right away!

Why Hire Us

We kill of Dust Mites, Bed Bugs and hard-to-kill viruses.
We come to your home or office and are done in as little as 1 hour.
With our deep cleaning service you no longer have to replace your mattress every few years.
We use only organic cleaning products and the latest in environmentally friendly expertise.
We are very reasonably priced and will match any competitor’s, reasonably, written estimate by 15%

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